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Journal Articles​

Zohrehvand A., Doshi A.R., Vanneste B.S. (2023), Generalizing event studies using synthetic controls: An application to the Dollar Tree–Family Dollar acquisition, Long Range Planning, Forthcoming. (here)

Vanneste B.S., Gulati R. (2022), Generalized trust, external sourcing, and firm performance in economic downturns, Organization Science, 33(4): 1599–1619. (here)

Vanneste B.S., Yoo O. (2020), The performance of trust-based governance, Journal of Organization Design, 9: 14. (here)

Vanneste B.S. (2017), How much do industry, corporation, and business matter, really? A meta-analysis, Strategy Science, 2(2): 121-139. (here)

Vanneste B.S. (2016), From interpersonal to interorganizational trust: The role of indirect reciprocity, Journal of Trust Research, 6(1): 7-36. (here)

Vanneste B.S., Puranam P., Kretschmer T. (2014), Trust over time in exchange relationships: Meta-analysis and theory, Strategic Management Journal, 35(12): 1891-1902. (here)

Vanneste B.S., Frank D.H. (2014), Forgiveness in vertical relationships: Incentive and termination effects, Organization Science, 25(6): 1807-1822. (here)

Vanneste B.S., Puranam P. (2010), Repeated interactions and contractual detail: Identifying the learning effect, Organization Science, 21(1): 186-201. (here)

Puranam P., Vanneste B.S. (2009), Trust and governance: Untangling a tangled web, Academy of Management Review, 34(1): 11-31. (here)

Book Chapters


Kretschmer T. & Vanneste B.S. (2017), Collaboration in Strategic Alliances: Cooperation and Coordination, in Collaborative Strategy: A Guide to Strategic Alliances, Mesquita L., Ragozzino R. & Reuer J. (Eds.), Edward Elgar Publishing (here)

Working Papers


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