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Massive Open Online Course

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Join many others and take the MOOC on corporate strategy here.

​About this course

Corporate strategy is the strategy a firm uses to compete across multiple businesses. Many small firms want to grow by entering new businesses. Many large firms already are in multiple businesses, e.g. a photo camera producer selling also sunglasses. We developed this course to help you make good corporate strategy decisions. Of the many decisions a firm has to make, corporate strategy decisions are among the most consequential. We will look at these key corporate strategy decisions:

  • Diversification: How and which businesses should your firm enter?

  • Divestiture: How and from which businesses should your firm exit?

  • Corporate HQ: How should we organize corporate headquarters to create value across the different businesses?

Who is this course for

The course is designed for a broad audience but will be particularly relevant for those working in multi-business firms, those working in single business firms that want to expand into a new business, those considering a consultancy career, or anyone who simply wants to understand how a firm competes across multiple businesses. This is an introductory course. Hence, no prior experience is needed. Some basic understanding of finance is useful but not essential.

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